Dancing Fortune Software is a Sydney, Australia-based company that specialises in developing software and web-applications to fit your needs. We cater to all your development needs, from small customisations of your existing software to the ground up creation of complete packages and products.

Some examples would be:

  • Unix/Linux/BSD server application development and customisation, daemons, custom milters, scripting and automation, etc.
  • Web site back-ends for shopping carts, payment processing, database integration, form processing.
  • iPhone and iPad Apps for your business.
  • Complete application development to fit your needs.

  • For smaller projects we are happy to negotiate a flat fee for delivery, or an hourly rate. Larger projects are by contract only. Please take a look at some of the things we've created before, or get in contact with us in one of the ways listed on our Contact page.

    We also release open source and not for profit software which you can find on our Projects page.