8th May 2011

ArchiveSMTP 1.2RC is ready for testing. This version provides much greater portability between milter versions and systems, we need your help to find any bugs lurking in configurations we didn't test, in particular when running with older libraries. If you're interested in this project please try this RC on your system and let us know how it goes.

6th February 2010

ArchiveSMTP 1.1.b1 is now available for download, we have added many new features including token substitution, rule negation, multiple rule actions and more! Visit the project page for more information.

9th November 2009

ArchiveSMTP 1.0.b1 now available for download! Featuring an all new rule based configuration, this marks the start of the 1.0 branch. Take a look at the project page for more information.

6th September 2009

We have finally updated our projects page. The new layout for ArchiveSMTP will serve as a template for future projects. Nearing release is a simple yet fun game built on our continually evolving physics engine. It is slated to be cross platform and currently runs under OSX and Windows. Look out for some screen shots and beta releases over the next few months!

16th May 2009

ArchiveSMTP first public release is now available! This is a BSD licensed open source project with the aim of providing a realiable server side back-up mechanism for sent E-Mail. The current release uses the milter interface supported by sendmail and postfix. Project page here.

3rd May 2009

EST Calc version 1.1 has been released. This fixes a minor bug in the collection of implant data from the API server and is now functioning correctly. The latest download can be found here.

7th March 2009

The first release of the EVE Skill Time Calculator for MacOS X is available for download here. The initial release provides a simple interface to calculate skill training times and show the effect character stats and implants would have. It supports loading of character stats using the limited API access key.

26th November 2008

Our new website is now online! We hope you like it as much as we do.