Please download one of the releases below.

If your plan data is not displayed correctly or updating your usage fails continually please enable the debug mode on the back panel of the widget and submit the output to us via the feedback form so that we can fix the issue.

OptusUsage-1.0.6.zip1.0.6Bug-Fix Universal Binary (OSX 10.5 or later)
OptusUsage-1.0.5.zip1.0.5Bug-Fix Universal Binary (OSX 10.5 or later)
OptusUsage-1.0.4.zip1.0.4Bug-Fix Universal Binary (OSX 10.5 or later)
OptusUsage-1.0.3.zip1.0.3Bug-Fix Universal Binary (OSX 10.4.3 or later)


To install simply unzip the downloaded file and double click on the OptusUsage package, you will then be asked if you want to install the widget, to which you should say yes.

Once installed you will need to enter your account username and password on the back side of the widget (it will flip to that side when you first load it). You can also enable auto updating at various intervals from the drop down list. The widget will only update when the dashboard is shown, so it wont use system resources by enabling this feature. Clicking on the logo or url on the back side of the widget will open the updates page for widget.

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