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2nd November 2013

v1.0.6: In testing we discovered that the usage data returned can differ slightly in format from one request to another (we assume this is due to different versions of site running on the various systems that serve the customer portal). Not all of the variations were added in the previous release, this release hopefully catches them all and will prevent the update from seeming to fail at random.

1st November 2013

v1.0.5 addresses some issues with element positions in OSX Mavericks and fixes the problem where updating too rapidly could cause the update to fail.

2nd January 2012

v1.0.4 can now be downloaded. Contains some minor improvements to the UI and has a debugging output mode which users can include in any bug reports which will greatly improve our ability to fix things.

3rd July 2011

Optus made some minor changes to the structure of their usage page and to how their log-in cgi handles cookies, causing the widget to stop working again. This has been fixed in v1.0.3 which is now on the downloads page.

16th June 2011

Due to a change in the Optus account login system OptusUsage stopped working this month. Version 1.0.2 addresses this issue and is now available for download. We still do not have data on all possible plan types, so if your plan doesn't work with the widget please submit a copy of your usage page and we will add support for it.

30th September 2010

OptusUsage v1.0.1 has been released addressing a bug experienced by users of some plans where their peak usage value was incorrectly displaying their uploaded data usage.

1st August 2010

We have had a bug reported where if your account has an upload limit, this will be displayed as your peak usage instead of the correct usage data. The other values remain correct. If you have experienced this bug please report it via the feedback form so that we can confirm the issue and correct it!

16th July 2010

First release (v1.0) of OptusUsage widget is now available for download.